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07:09 6.4M [FILE] run_an_analysis_workflow.mp4 30-Jan-2013 16:01 6.6M [FILE] samplecheckout.mp4 23-Oct-2012 21:52 6.8M [FILE] compare_mutations_across_sampl..> 25-Jan-2013 22:14 6.9M [FILE] download_a_design_v2.mp4 18-Mar-2013 16:48 7.1M [FILE] advanced custom ngs panel desi..> 15-Jun-2017 16:32 7.9M [FILE] sureprint-microarray-hybridiza..> 04-May-2016 12:37 8.3M [FILE] configure_an_analysis_method.mp4 25-Jan-2013 17:50 8.6M [FILE] review_sample_results.mp4 05-Feb-2013 21:19 8.6M [FILE] the_importance_of_elucidating_..> 24-Jun-2015 15:19 8.8M [FILE] 11_sureprint_sureprintmicroarr..> 09-Aug-2016 18:49 9.1M [FILE] check_out_results_and_sign_off..> 30-Jan-2013 17:44 9.3M [FILE] triageviewtracks.mp4 23-Oct-2012 21:52 9.5M [FILE] qcht_submit_a_quote-web_pr7000..> 15-Nov-2016 21:47 10.0M [FILE] agilent_final_20121207_1920x10..> 10-Jan-2013 03:09 10.2M [FILE] one_cycle_ahead.mp4 06-Sep-2016 15:49 10.2M [FILE] targeted_rna_sequencing_of_ffp..> 15-May-2018 21:05 10.3M [FILE] understanding disorders featur..> 27-Feb-2015 02:32 10.4M [FILE] understanding_disorders_featur..> 19-Feb-2016 19:35 10.4M [FILE] checking_out_and_signing_off_o..> 14-Apr-2015 16:52 10.4M [FILE] qcht_edit a design.mp4 18-Jun-2014 12:00 10.7M [FILE] qcht_edit%20a%20design.mp4 18-Jun-2014 07:10 10.7M [FILE] venn_diagram_640x480.mp4 21-Oct-2015 08:50 10.9M [FILE] running_a_single_cell_workflow..> 17-Apr-2014 18:50 11.4M [FILE] setting_the_analysis_criteria.mp4 13-Nov-2014 02:12 11.4M [FILE] sureprint-oven-calibration-ruo..> 04-May-2016 12:56 11.9M [FILE] surecall_configuring_an_analys..> 08-Feb-2019 07:58 12.1M [FILE] surecall_finding_cnvs_v2.mp4 11-Jan-2017 07:31 12.4M [FILE] epigenetics_series_genome_wide..> 24-Jun-2015 18:02 12.6M [FILE] introduction to custom ngs pan..> 15-Jun-2017 16:33 12.6M [FILE] ppm part 3_final.mp4 07-Feb-2018 12:24 12.6M [FILE] 2200_tapestation_640x360.mp4 22-Nov-2011 22:47 13.2M [FILE] qcht_edit_a_design-webpr7000-0..> 15-Nov-2016 21:46 13.3M [FILE] surecall_checking_out_and_sign..> 08-Feb-2019 08:05 13.5M [FILE] 12_sureprint_ovencalibration.mp4 09-Aug-2016 18:51 13.6M [FILE] findingcnvs.mp4 17-Jan-2014 19:21 13.7M [FILE] 8800_604x340.mp4 19-Apr-2011 19:35 13.8M [FILE] sureselect-post-capture-wash-2..> 04-May-2016 13:12 14.1M [FILE] a_metagenomic_assay_to_study_t..> 02-Feb-2016 18:31 14.1M [FILE] triageviewtracks_062613.mp4 26-Jun-2013 21:49 14.2M [FILE] haloplex_anim_1280x720.mp4 07-Mar-2012 21:14 14.3M [FILE] ariamx_product_demo-web_pr7000..> 15-Nov-2016 21:09 14.6M [FILE] running_workflows_using_auto_p..> 05-Apr-2018 20:24 14.7M [FILE] agi-643- sure call anim 960x54..> 11-Aug-2014 21:34 14.7M [FILE] surecall_running_analysis_920x..> 08-Feb-2019 07:52 14.9M [FILE] agi-643- sure call anim 1920x1..> 11-Aug-2014 21:36 15.6M [FILE] downloadingdesign.mp4 17-Jan-2014 19:19 15.7M [FILE] webinar_molecular_barcoding_ng..> 10-Nov-2015 11:23 15.9M [FILE] qcht_create a design.mp4 17-Jun-2014 07:54 15.9M [FILE] qcht_create%20a%20design.mp4 17-Jun-2014 08:25 15.9M [FILE] ngs_automation_360p.mp4 27-Feb-2015 02:34 16.1M [FILE] sureselect_qxt_library_prep_an..> 22-Dec-2016 06:31 16.5M [FILE] methods_for_quantifying_qpcr_d..> 06-Sep-2016 15:48 16.7M [FILE] 3_sureselect_postcapturewash.mp4 09-Aug-2016 15:25 16.9M [FILE] running_an_analysis.mp4 09-Apr-2015 04:36 17.4M [FILE] qcht_create_a_design-web_pr700..> 15-Nov-2016 21:30 17.8M [FILE] haloplex_standard.mp4 09-Oct-2012 19:15 18.5M [FILE] camc_surecall_1280x1024.mp4 25-Jan-2013 03:39 18.5M [FILE] sureprint-microarray-loading-s..> 04-May-2016 12:43 19.2M [FILE] ariamx_virtual_tour-web_pr7000..> 15-Nov-2016 21:29 19.2M [FILE] haloplex_anim_1920x1080.mp4 07-Mar-2012 21:53 19.6M [FILE] agilent_iqfish_workflow_video.mp4 21-Nov-2016 07:26 19.9M [FILE] 2100 bioanalyzer_exchanging ca..> 04-Apr-2014 21:04 21.1M [FILE] 14_sureprint_sureprintmicroarr..> 09-Aug-2016 19:07 21.1M [FILE] agi-3351_surefish_anim_non-us_..> 25-May-2014 07:59 21.1M [FILE] sureselect_standard.mp4 09-Oct-2012 19:16 22.2M [FILE] surecall-adding-running-an-ana..> 20-Apr-2016 09:12 23.1M [FILE] analyzing_a_comparative_quanti..> 13-Nov-2014 02:07 23.3M [FILE] haloplex-exome-hybridization-r..> 04-May-2016 12:23 24.1M [FILE] 2200_tapestation_360p.mp4 11-Apr-2014 22:38 24.3M [FILE] agilent chicago barrett v3.mp4 20-Aug-2013 19:39 24.8M [FILE] agilent_barrett _teaser_201309..> 09-Sep-2013 18:01 24.8M [FILE] agilent_methyl seq_1080x720.mp4 29-Feb-2012 22:45 25.3M [FILE] surefish-oligo-technology-web-..> 09-Aug-2016 17:11 25.5M [FILE] 20180528_erenewal_renewonline4..> 29-May-2018 16:26 25.6M [FILE] sureselect_advanced.mp4 09-Oct-2012 19:16 25.6M [FILE] mano_testimonial_1280x720.mp4 04-Apr-2012 00:52 25.8M [FILE] setting_up_a_plate_for_compara..> 13-Nov-2014 02:12 26.0M [FILE] ogawa_testimonial_1280x720.mp4 04-Apr-2012 01:06 26.4M [FILE] ariamx_setting_the_analysis_cr..> 15-Nov-2016 21:28 26.6M [FILE] analyzing_a_quantitative_pcr_e..> 13-Nov-2014 02:10 26.7M [FILE] cytogenomics-running-workflows..> 20-Apr-2016 09:03 27.6M [FILE] agilent_custom_genomics_overvi..> 02-Jun-2015 15:02 27.7M [FILE] reviewingsampleresults.mp4 17-Jan-2014 19:10 27.8M [FILE] agilent_custom_genomics_overvi..> 22-May-2015 08:46 28.7M [FILE] pr7000-0209_cytogenomics_softw..> 17-Apr-2018 21:48 28.8M [FILE] haloplex-ampure-purification-r..> 04-May-2016 12:21 29.5M [FILE] 4200_tapestation_animation_upd..> 27-Jan-2016 13:58 29.6M [FILE] surecall-checking-out-and-sign..> 20-Apr-2016 09:18 29.6M [FILE] sureselect-post-hybridization-..> 04-May-2016 13:16 29.6M [FILE] runninganalysis.mp4 17-Jan-2014 19:13 30.0M [FILE] cytogenomics-running-workflows..> 20-Apr-2016 09:02 30.2M [FILE] surevector_instructional_video..> 15-Nov-2016 21:49 30.4M [FILE] configuringanalysismethod.mp4 17-Jan-2014 19:18 30.7M [FILE] cytogenomics-configuring-an-an..> 20-Apr-2016 08:58 31.0M [FILE] cytogenomics-checking-out-and-..> 20-Apr-2016 09:20 31.1M [FILE] next_generation_sequencing_ca_..> 24-Jun-2015 15:20 31.2M [FILE] pr7000-0153_surecall_software-..> 16-Nov-2016 21:49 31.2M [FILE] 8-haloplex_hybridization.mp4 09-Aug-2016 18:09 33.1M [FILE] haloplex-introduction-to-halop..> 04-May-2016 12:28 33.3M [FILE] 1_sureselect_hybridization.mp4 08-Aug-2016 20:34 35.0M [FILE] 9_haloplex_ampurepurification.mp4 09-Aug-2016 18:25 35.0M [FILE] agilent genomics demo sureprin..> 20-Jun-2013 23:48 35.4M [FILE] sample-check-out-ruo-20160718.mp4 27-Jul-2016 07:02 35.6M [FILE] surevector_product_video-web_p..> 15-Nov-2016 21:52 36.5M [FILE] agilent_suredesign_design_demo..> 27-Apr-2016 08:57 37.0M [FILE] 6_haloplex_introductionhalople..> 09-Aug-2016 16:24 38.2M [FILE] tapestation_4200_532p.mp4 20-Aug-2015 12:24 38.8M [FILE] haloplex-restriction-enzyme-di..> 04-May-2016 12:30 39.5M [FILE] vpd_nanotech_2012_960x720.mp4 31-Mar-2012 01:02 39.7M [FILE] addingcustomannotations.mp4 09-Apr-2015 03:44 40.0M [FILE] gc-qtof_ris_1280x720.mp4 31-Mar-2012 01:57 41.4M [FILE] demand_precision_video_920x518..> 23-Aug-2016 19:19 42.0M [FILE] running_a_oneseq_analysis_and_..> 09-Apr-2015 04:28 43.4M [FILE] pr7000-0203_suredesign_tutoria..> 16-Nov-2016 22:01 43.8M [FILE] pr7000-0156_surecall_software-..> 16-Nov-2016 21:50 44.4M [FILE] agilent_marco_gerlinger_webina..> 18-Jan-2018 18:56 44.7M [FILE] 130321g_haloadv.mp4 14-May-2013 21:46 45.9M [FILE] 130326j_ss_adv.mp4 14-May-2013 21:40 46.9M [FILE] pr7000-0205_suredesig_tutorial..> 16-Nov-2016 22:01 48.6M [FILE] sureprint-microarray-washing-r..> 04-May-2016 12:53 51.8M [FILE] ariamx_analyzing_comparative_q..> 15-Nov-2016 21:15 51.8M [FILE] agilent_tapestation_4200_new_5..> 01-Sep-2015 11:51 52.0M [FILE] agilent_tapestation_4200_v2e_5..> 30-Sep-2015 19:36 52.0M [FILE] agilent_genomics_demo_hyb_cali..> 16-Jun-2014 15:28 52.4M [FILE] 7_haloplex_restrictionenzymedi..> 09-Aug-2016 16:49 52.7M [FILE] gen_webinar.mp4 09-Apr-2014 17:36 53.5M [FILE] configuring_a_custom_ngs_repor..> 09-Apr-2015 04:10 54.0M [FILE] agilent genomics demo dna micr..> 24-Jun-2013 16:48 55.7M [FILE] pr7000-0204_suredesign_tutoria..> 16-Nov-2016 22:01 56.4M [FILE] ariamx_setting_up_plate_for_co..> 15-Nov-2016 21:33 56.6M [FILE] ariamx_analyzing_quantitative_..> 15-Nov-2016 21:25 57.4M [FILE] 131113b_cghsnp_std.mp4 15-Nov-2013 23:42 59.5M [FILE] agilent genomics demo suresele..> 25-Jun-2013 01:06 60.4M [FILE] agi-2611_20130506.mp4 06-May-2013 18:19 62.7M [FILE] haloplex-hybridization-ruo-dis..> 04-May-2016 12:26 63.0M [FILE] agilent_cytogenomics.mp4 16-Jan-2014 22:08 63.6M [FILE] agilent_dipa_kegg_20140828.mp4 10-Sep-2014 17:25 66.2M [FILE] high-sensitivity-clone-specifi..> 09-May-2018 20:20 66.9M [FILE] pr7000-0207_suredesign_tutoria..> 16-Nov-2016 22:05 67.7M [FILE] sureselect_qxt_capture_and_was..> 22-Dec-2016 06:36 68.9M [FILE] ariamx_unpack_install_and_set_..> 15-Nov-2016 21:29 69.9M [FILE] agi-3351 surefish anim us_1280..> 17-Mar-2014 22:04 70.1M [FILE] agi-3351 surefish anim non-us_..> 17-Mar-2014 21:47 70.2M [FILE] surecall_running_surecall_aio_..> 08-Feb-2019 08:07 70.4M [FILE] sureselect-hybridization-ruo-d..> 04-May-2016 13:09 70.5M [FILE] 2100 bioanalyzer_electrode car..> 04-Apr-2014 21:13 71.2M [FILE] agi-3351-surefish-video-d5.wmv 06-Feb-2014 20:51 72.0M [FILE] pr7000-0209_cytogenomics_softw..> 16-Nov-2016 22:08 72.0M [FILE] agilent_qxt_20141102_overview.mp4 17-Mar-2015 00:35 73.3M [FILE] 13_sureprint_sureprintmicroarr..> 09-Aug-2016 19:03 73.6M [FILE] agilent_mano_testimonial_mp4.mp4 28-Mar-2012 17:08 77.5M [FILE] agi-3351 surefish anim non-us_..> 25-May-2014 08:51 78.7M [FILE] 131114c_adv.mp4 15-Nov-2013 23:37 79.0M [FILE] agilent_ogawa_testimonial_mp4.mp4 28-Mar-2012 17:08 79.2M [FILE] 2100 bioanalyzer_priming stati..> 04-Apr-2014 21:49 80.7M [FILE] pr7000-0166_cytogenomics_softw..> 16-Nov-2016 22:02 81.5M [FILE] agilent_ragoussis_20160129.mp4 11-Feb-2016 07:17 81.9M [FILE] agilent_carolina_metadata_fram..> 10-Sep-2014 17:25 82.6M [FILE] agilent genomics demo sureprin..> 24-Jun-2013 17:06 82.7M [FILE] pr7000-0206_suredesign_tutoria..> 16-Nov-2016 22:04 83.4M [FILE] agilent_elise_new_features_pt1..> 16-Sep-2014 14:19 86.0M [FILE] sureselect-ampure-beads-purifi..> 04-May-2016 13:06 87.6M [FILE] agilent_tapestation_4200_v2c_7..> 31-Aug-2015 17:40 88.4M [FILE] lowering_stakes_to_raise_bar_b..> 19-Dec-2016 13:45 90.3M [FILE] webinar_linnarsson_1280x720.mp4 04-Apr-2012 00:39 90.7M [FILE] 2_sureselect_post_hybridizatio..> 09-Aug-2016 15:10 90.8M [FILE] agilent_acmg_2014_pinar_bayrak..> 14-May-2015 14:23 92.8M [FILE] agi-3546 sure_call_anim.mp4 17-Mar-2014 19:20 94.3M [FILE] 3.16_agilent_rnaseq.mp4 22-Aug-2017 17:27 95.6M [FILE] pr7000-208_suredesign_tutorial..> 16-Nov-2016 22:19 97.7M [FILE] agilent aria 08-Sep-2014 10:08 97.8M [FILE] sureselect_qxt_library_prep_wo..> 22-Dec-2016 06:28 99M [FILE] agi-3351 surefish anim us_1280..> 17-Mar-2014 21:57 100M [FILE] agi-3351 surefish anim non-us_..> 17-Mar-2014 21:40 100M [FILE] webinar_hoischcen_1280x720.mp4 04-Apr-2012 02:19 100M [FILE] mano_webinar_1280x720.mp4 06-Apr-2012 23:27 101M [FILE] 5_sureselect_ampurebeadspurifi..> 09-Aug-2016 16:04 102M [FILE] agilent_alexi_r_editor_2014082..> 10-Sep-2014 17:23 103M [FILE] agilent_pat_hurban_testimonial..> 13-Feb-2015 18:32 104M [FILE] surecall-configuring-an-analys..> 20-Apr-2016 08:50 106M [FILE] webinar_van_ijcken_1280x720.mp4 04-Apr-2012 05:02 106M [FILE] agilent genomics demo haloplex..> 13-Jun-2013 23:19 110M [FILE] agilenttech_final_08_currentmu..> 26-Feb-2014 20:09 110M [FILE] agilent_shweta_ngs_workflow_20..> 16-Sep-2014 14:23 114M [FILE] 5_23_agilent_webinar.mp4 06-Jun-2017 15:41 114M [FILE] agilent_custom_genomics_overvi..> 24-Apr-2015 23:44 118M [FILE] agilent custom genomics overvi..> 29-May-2015 19:23 118M [FILE] agi-3546 sure call anim_1280x7..> 14-Apr-2014 18:29 125M [FILE] agilent_acmg_2014_julie_r_jone..> 14-May-2015 15:13 129M [FILE] agilent genomics demo suresele..> 25-Jun-2013 01:23 130M [FILE] agilent genomics demo haloplex..> 13-Jun-2013 21:28 135M [FILE] iqfish_workflow_20160309.mp4 16-Mar-2016 22:41 135M [FILE] 2100 bioanalyzer_prepare a dna..> 04-Apr-2014 21:01 136M [FILE] surecall-adding-custom-annotat..> 20-Apr-2016 09:08 137M [FILE] agilent genomics demo haloplex..> 14-Jun-2013 00:01 149M [FILE] sureprint-all-videos-in-one-ru..> 04-May-2016 12:36 153M [FILE] 2200 tapestation_ease of use.mp4 04-Apr-2014 21:36 153M [FILE] 05-Feb-2014 09:33 154M [FILE] 18-Feb-2014 17:44 155M [FILE] webinar_brown_1280x720.mp4 04-Apr-2012 22:30 158M [FILE] tapestation_software_a0105_(sr..> 15-Sep-2015 16:22 160M [FILE] agilent acmg 2014 birgit funke..> 16-May-2014 16:11 163M [FILE] agilent_acmg_2014_birgit_funke..> 11-Jul-2014 01:54 163M [FILE] haloplex-all-videos-in-one-ruo..> 04-May-2016 12:18 164M [FILE] pr7000-0161_surecall_software-..> 16-Nov-2016 22:02 166M [FILE] 2200_tapestation_720p.wmv 09-Apr-2014 17:52 167M [FILE] madhuri_1280x720.mp4 10-Apr-2017 07:20 173M [FILE] cho-agilent-ashg2012sf-1280x72..> 31-May-2013 17:43 173M [FILE] agilent_elise_new_features_ pt..> 16-Sep-2014 14:17 177M [FILE] agilent genomics demo haloplex..> 14-Jun-2013 00:24 180M [FILE] 15_sureprint_ allvideosintoone..> 09-Aug-2016 19:25 186M [FILE] agilent genomics demo haloplex..> 13-Jun-2013 23:42 188M [FILE] schweiger_1280x720.mp4 27-Oct-2012 05:35 189M [FILE] agilent agbt 2013 de witte.mp4 29-May-2013 15:16 189M [FILE] agilent_agbt_2013_de_witte.mp4 31-May-2013 18:25 189M [FILE] pr7000-0160_surecall_software-..> 16-Nov-2016 21:57 194M [FILE] sureselect-all-videos-in-one-r..> 04-May-2016 13:03 198M [FILE] agilent_ashg_eric_20141022-web..> 10-Mar-2015 04:04 202M [FILE] agilent_eric_webinar.mp4 24-Jun-2015 15:33 202M [FILE] agilent_ngs_demand_precision_2..> 17-Nov-2016 09:51 204M [FILE] 10_haloplex_allhaloplexvideosc..> 09-Aug-2016 18:46 208M [FILE] agilent _acmg_2014_patrickhurb..> 24-Jun-2015 15:32 210M [FILE] agilent agbt 2013 yi.mp4 29-May-2013 15:19 211M [FILE] agilent_agbt_2013_yi.mp4 31-May-2013 17:31 211M [FILE] pr7000-0210_cytogenomics_softw..> 16-Nov-2016 22:15 216M [FILE] agilent_elise_new_features_201..> 10-Sep-2014 17:30 219M [FILE] agilent genomics demo sureprin..> 24-Jun-2013 18:04 230M [FILE] agilent_qxt_hybridization_2014..> 26-Mar-2015 20:53 235M [FILE] agilent cgh - d12b.mp4 02-Feb-2018 19:59 236M [FILE] agilent_cgh_d12b.mp4 02-Feb-2018 19:59 236M [FILE] agilent agbt 2013 ericsson.mp4 29-May-2013 15:19 243M [FILE] agilent_agbt_2013_ericsson.mp4 31-May-2013 18:41 243M [FILE] 4_sureselect_allvideosinone.mp4 09-Aug-2016 15:48 244M [FILE] 06-Feb-2014 20:44 246M [FILE] webinar_cuppen_1280x720.mp4 05-Apr-2012 00:00 251M [FILE] eshg_juan_fda_cut_20161010-web..> 11-Oct-2016 08:37 272M [FILE] agilent genomics demo sureprin..> 24-Jun-2013 17:38 282M [FILE] sureprint_microarray_loading_r..> 21-Nov-2016 17:54 291M [FILE] girard-agilent-ashg2012sf-1280..> 31-May-2013 18:12 302M [FILE] agilent_breaking_barriers.mp4 18-Jul-2014 09:11 308M [FILE] agilent genomics demo suresele..> 25-Jun-2013 00:48 316M [FILE] agilent_qxt_capture_wash_20141..> 26-Mar-2015 21:33 352M [FILE] agilent genomics demo suresele..> 24-Jun-2013 22:11 396M [FILE] marilyn_m_li_final.mp4 10-Jan-2014 03:07 477M [FILE] agilent qxt library prep 20141..> 26-Mar-2015 00:28 505M [FILE] agilent_qxt_library_prep_20141..> 26-Mar-2015 20:23 505M [FILE] agilent genomics demo sureprin..> 24-Jun-2013 19:21 690M [FILE] agilent genomics demo haloplex..> 21-Jun-2013 23:38 736M [FILE] agilent genomics demo suresele..> 25-Jun-2013 00:04 893M